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Thursday, September 5, 2013 Volume 2   |   Issue 171
New name on the door
Kelly Music Research
The New Westwood One“Westwood One,” déjà vu.

The July 15 NOW headline story - “What’s in a name?” - speculated that new Dial Global CEO Paul Caine was “very interested in the notion of changing the company name to Westwood One,” believing there was more brand equity there. As time went along, you read about Dial Global quietly cutting new promos and liners using “Westwood One.” Now, Caine says he’s reviving an “iconic audio brand.” The name’s back, with a new logo and a slightly different spelling – “WestwoodOne,” grouping the words together. Along with the name change of a company that’s being sold to Cumulus for $260 million, Caine’s doing something extra – commissioning a research project about “the power of sound, aimed at better understanding consumers, their behavior, and their interaction with audio.” Results are due this Fall. Though the company says “the preliminary findings further the notion that audio is an integral part of the new media landscape.” Paul apparently doesn’t like long transitions – the Dial Global site takes you to WestwoodOne.com, adorned with new logo – here. Read the Dial/Westwood press release here. The public stock still trades as “DIAL,” and it lost 2.5 cents yesterday to finish at 15.5 cents – exactly the price that Cumulus is offering.

“Failing to adequately shop” Dial Global before selling to Cumulus triggers a law firm “investigation” – and there’s a fresh complaint from rival TRN.

Law firm Levi & Korsinsky also sniffed around when Citadel first rejected Cumulus in 2011, when Nielsen announced its purchase of Arbitron, and when Fisher sold itself to Sinclair. This time it hops on last Friday’s announcement that Cumulus is buying Dial Global for what amounts to 15.5 cents per share. But it's not only aggressive law firm to open an "investigation" - so do Brodsky & Smith, Rigrodsky & Long, and Pomerantz Grossman Hufford Dahlstrom & Gross LLP. They all raise the possibility of breach of fiduciary duty by the board of Dial Global, for taking Lew Dickey's offer without looking harder for other suitors. What the law firms hope is that the phone will ring, with a Dial Global shareholder on the other end of the line. Over at rival Talk Radio Network, Mark Masters – who’s already suing a collection of independent syndicators that includes Dial Global – is deeply opposed to the sale. He says “the combined company could dominate both the radio station platforms in the top 100 markets and the talk and news content for broadcast in those markets.” He believes the discovery process in his lawsuit will turn up evidence that could derail the merger, and says “we will take all necessary actions to oppose Cumulus’ proposed acquisition.” Whatever the courts ultimately do with TRN’s legal actions against Dial Global, Masters’ objections will surely be registered at the FTC, as it reviews the Cumulus deal on anti-trust grounds.

Mark RosenthalMark Rosenthal takes the CEO job at the Katz Radio Group family of rep firms.

There probably aren’t many CEOs who hold a Master of Fine Arts from Yale, but Rosenthal - joining Clear Channel-owned KRG - has built quite a varied resume. He was president and COO of Viacom’s MTV Networks (which produced Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman). He was Chairman/CEO of Interpublic Media, part of the Interpublic Group advertising/marketing conglomerate. He went off to become president of media platforms for Spot Runner. In 2009 he accepted the offer of former Vice President Al Gore and Joel Hyatt to be CEO of Current Media’s Current cable channel (Mark probably has a few Keith Olbermann stories, which you’ll never pry out of him). And now he’s coming to lead the radio industry’s largest family of national rep firms – Katz Radio, Christal, Eastman, Univision Radio, CBS Radio Sales, Entercom Radio Sales, and Katz 360. He’ll report (as the deceased Stu Olds once did) to John Hogan. But the big question all the Katz clients will be asking is – How will Rosenthal make the cash register ring for my stations? He’ll work with current KRG President and rep-firm veteran Mark Gray. Note the language in the press release about a key part of Rosenthal’s job – “to lead an accelerated charge to bring additional revenue into the radio sector.”

Ahead of next Tuesday’s launch of iTunes Radio, Apple is hiring.

AdAge says Apple’s posted “five iAds-related jobs to its own job board and another 35 to LinkedIn, just in the month of August.” Those probably aren’t all related to iTunes Radio. We should be getting more details about that ambitious new Internet audio service next Tuesday, with the official release of the service. Kurt Hanson’s RAIN says Apple has sent invitations for next Tuesday’s presentation of what’s believed to be the next-generation iPhone. That same event at company HQ in Cupertino could also yield new details about iTunes Radio. As AdAge says, “iTunes Radio will broaden iAds’ inventory from just mobile banners to audio and video ads, as well.” And remember Apple’s approach to advertisers. It’s not selling Pandora-style :15 audio ads, but is cutting larger sponsorship deals with Nissan, Pepsi, McDonald’s and Procter & Gamble, giving them category exclusivity through the end of the year.

A former KDND staffer who was part of “Hold your wee for Wii” must pay his own $800,000 legal bill.

The tragic Sacramento morning show contest in 2007 led to the water-intoxication death of 28-year-old Jennifer Strange – who entered to win a Wii game system for her three kids. Entercom’s KDND was sued by her family, and the station’s insurance company was footing the bills for the staff’s legal costs. But “End” cast member Matt Carter – a part-timer - decided he’d rather have his own attorney. Now the Central Valley Business Times says Carter’s attorney billed him for $807,421.22 – but “the insurance company balked” at reimbursing Carter, because it had offered to provide counsel. The latest bad news for Matt – the California Third District Court of Appeal agrees with the insurance company, saying he “did not have an absolute right to choose his own attorney to represent him, at the expense of his employer” or Entercom’s insurance company. Though technically, we should say that the company that was sued was Entercom Sacramento, and not the Philadelphia-based parent. Carter was handing out water bottles to the contestants that morning, and was among the people who were blown out, four days later.

2DayFM“Royal hoax” station says phone records prove it tried to reach a London hospital after the prank call.

2Day FM owner Southern Cross Austereo says it made four followup calls, though the hospital where Kate Middleton was being treated during her pregnancy has claimed it had no record of that. One theory, says the UK’s Telegraph, is that nurse Jacintha Saldanha (who later hanged herself, blaming the 2Day FM jocks) answered those later calls, but didn’t tell the hospital about them. Saldanha herself didn’t talk much on the initial hoax call, when “Queen Elizabeth” Mel Greig and “Prince Charles” Michael Christian got her on tape. What Saldanha mostly did was to pass on the call to another nurse, who was more directly connected to Middleton’s care. And again – after the Aussie jocks taped their call, 2Day FM management deliberated for more than an hour about whether to air it, then gave the okay. It wasn’t a case of the jocks acting on their own. There’s an inquest underway in London into the death of nurse Saldanha, who killed herself two days after the call aired on Sydney’s 2Day FM.

Media Services Group
Fox broadens its relationship with SiriusXM.

Fox News will stay on satellite channel 114, and be available on the SiriusXM Internet Radio app for smartphones and online. While the deal adds, for the first time, Fox Business Network (with Don Imus in mornings). That debuts this Fall. Also new – the Fox News Talk lineup heard on the SiriusXM Internet Radio service, with personalities such as Brian Kilmeade, John Gibson and Alan Colmes. Satcaster CEO Jim Meyer says “Fox is an undeniable force in news.” This six-year deal keeps Fox available via SiriusXM through August 2019.

NFLThe NFL Super Bowl will air live in the UK, along with weekly Sunday games.

Also - the two “international series” games played at London’s prestigious Wembley Stadium. (That’s the Steelers and the Vikings on September 29 and the 49’ers and the Jaguars on October 27.) The service carrying American-style “football” won’t be an all-sports station, but Absolute Radio 90s service, says the NFL UK site. Absolute Radio’s Head of Presentation Paul Sylvester says “American football’s popularity in the UK is growing incredibly quickly, especially amongst our listeners, and we’re pleased to be bringing it to a new audience.” USP Content is producing the content for Absolute Radio 90s, available on the national DAB platform, Sky TV and mobile phone apps. Echoing Paul Sylvester’s comments about the visibility of the NFL across the pond, the British TV rights for weekly NFL games move from the BBC to the commercial Channel 4.

WestwoodOne announces its NFL plans. So does rival ESPN Audio.

Everybody at Dial Global’s going to have to get used to writing “WestwoodOne” just that way, and for some old NFL fans, it’s a return to the familiar Westwood name in their dealings. Whatever you call it, the syndicator has a total of 97 NFL games, including 17 Monday Night games, 17 Sunday night contests, 14 Thursday night matchups and 34 Sunday afternoon games. Also the Thanksgiving doubleheader and the 12 postseason games, leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII at the New Jersey Meadowlands (let’s all hope for good weather at this outdoor venue). First game is tonight – the SuperBowl champion Baltimore Ravens playing the Denver Broncos. Over at ESPN Radio, they’ll have, for the first time ever, the out-of-market games on NFL Sunday afternoons, plus lots of Sunday talk programming, the Friday night “Mike Tirico’s Weekend Blitz,” and a bevy of podcasts.

Dees Creations
Day 2 Arbitron PPMs for August –

Washington DC – News/talk WAMU tops all-news WTOP for the second straight month. American University’s non-com WAMU holds a steady course, from a June 7.7 share to a July 7.6 and now another 7.6, with age 6+ AQH share. Hubbard’s WTOP (and simulcast sisters) goes 8.0-7.2-7.0 to its lowest showing since April 2012. Third place (as usual) goes to Clear Channel’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT, 6.5-6.6-6.3. Howard University’s urban AC WHUR rises to fourth place, 5.4-5.5-5.8 (Frank Ski, winner of a lengthy on-air audition process, is about to take over PM drive there). Radio One’s gospel “Praise” WPRS-FM has some friends in the PPM sample, rising 2.6-3.1-3.8. Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM is up, 2.6-2.4-2.9. But GWETA’s classical WETA stumbles, according to Arbitron, 2.9-3.9-2.1. And WNEW, the CBS all-news challenger to WTOP, slips 0.9-0.8-0.7. In sports, Washington Nats baseball flagship WJFK-FM holds 1.7-2.2-2.1. Red Zebra’s “ESPN 980” WTEM, with the Baltimore Orioles, runs 1.7-1.3-1.5. Sibling “Sports Talk 570” WSPZ pops back into the book with a 0.1 share. Three cume leaders top the 1 million mark in our nation’s capital – rhythmic “Hot 99.5” at an estimated 1,238,200. Clear Channel’s AC WASH at 1,155,600. (The station ranked #6 with AQH share, 5.8-5.5-5.1). And all-news WTOP, at 1,070,700. The ground rules in this section – all shares are total week age 6+, and Arbitron’s “subscriber only” policy means you’ll see only the shares of the stations that subscribe. Arbitron’s “August” ran July 18 through August 14.

WKLBBoston – Country rules for the second straight month, and that’s literally never happened in Boston. Greater Media’s WKLB follows up last month’s 8.1 with a 7.8 share. #2 is Clear Channel CHR “Kiss 108” WXKS-FM, going 7.9-7.6-7.6 (and hoping to re-take first place). #3 is CBS Radio’s classic rock WZLX, 6.7-6.8-6.1. Nice month for Greater Media’s rhythmic AC “Hot” WBQT, 3.2.-3.1-3.6. That’s the best number for the 96.9 frequency (in either this format or talk) since November 2010. Also a nice book for CBS-owned CHR “Amp” WODS, 2.8-2.8-3.4. In sports, there’s a near tie between CBS-owned “Sports Hub” WBZ-FM (6.1-4.5-3.9) and Entercom’s WEEI-FM (3.4-3.2-3.8). Entercom has the baseball Red Sox. Sister WEEI/850 holds onto its 0.3 share. Three stations have seven-figure cumes – CHR Kiss 108 at 1,563,000. Greater Media’s AC “Magic” WMJX at1,234,800 (ranked #5 with AQH share at a 5.7). And sister classic hits WROR at 1,032,200 (ranked #6 at a 5.5.).

Miami – Usually Cox owns the 1-2 spots with urban AC “Hot 105” WHQT and urban WEDR. But Univision’s Spanish contemporary “Amor” wedges in between them to become the new #2. Hot 105 moves 8.8-8.5-8.9, for its 26th consecutive #1 crown. Amor WAMR holds 6.0-6.3-6.2, just edging out urban “99 Jamz” WEDR (6.6-6.5-6.1). “Lite,” Lincoln Financial Media’s soft AC WLYF, is up to its best number since April of last year, 4.5-5.4-5.6. Cox soft oldies “Easy 93.1” WFEZ is next, 5.9-5.8-5.1. Summer is good to Clear Channel CHR “Y100” WHYI, 4.4-4.2-5.0. Sister classic hits “Big 105.9” WBGG-FM is up 2.9-3.0-3.6. In sports, there’s LFM’s “Ticket” WAXY/790 (1.3-0.9-0.7). Its mostly-simulcast sister WAXY-FM goes 0.6-0.5-0.4. (WAXY has the cellar-dwelling baseball Marlins.) Beasley’s WQAM moves 0.8-0.9-0.7. Two stations are cumeing better than one million – Beasley’s rhythmic “Power 96” WPOW at 1,047,900 (in AQH share, #9 at a 4.1 share). And Cox AC “Coast” WFLC at 1,005,100 (ranking #10 at a 3.9 share).

Detroit – Country rules again, in the form of CBS Radio’s WYCD, flying 7.5-8.1-8.1. CBS sister “97.1 the Ticket” WXYT-FM rises to #2 and its best topline since last November, demonstrating again why Greater Media recently gave up on AC WMGC-FM (3.2-3.0-2.8) to go all sports up against it. The Ticket, with the baseball Tigers, jumps 6.5-6.1-7.2. (Little sister WXYT-AM, which shares the Tigers, is up 0.2-0.3.) #3 this is another CBS station, all-news WWJ (6.6-6.5-6.5). Just to continue the string, CBS also owns the #4 station, classic hits WOMC, 5.7-6.0-6.0. #5 and having a soft month is Clear Channel’s urban AC “Mix” WMXD, 6.7-6.3-5.9. CC’s top 40 “Channel 955” WKQI is #6, 4.7-4.9-5.0. WKQI is the only Detroit station with more than a million in cume, at 1,042,200.

KZOKSeattle – Second #1 finish for CBS classic rocker KZOK, and that (like last month’s #1 finish) has never happened before at that station. The share drops, 5.2-6.5-6.0, but it’s enough to keep KZOK ahead of #2 CHR KQMV. Sandusky’s “Movin’ 92.5” KQMV is a steady 6.2-5.7-5.7, as it awaits new owner Hubbard Radio. #3 is Entercom’s rock KISW, 4.4-5.4-5.6 – enjoying its best topline since June 2012. It’s a good month for another just-sold Sandusky station. That’s soft AC “Warm” KRWM, 4.8-4.5-5.2, now ranked #4 (and getting ready for its all-Christmas playlist). Strange-looking declines for both country stations. Entercom’s “Wolf” KKWF slides downhill, 5.1-4.7-3.9. CBS country KMPS slips in parallel fashion, 4.6-4.1-3.5. In talk and sports, there’s Bonneville’s news/talk KIRO-FM (3.0-3.2-3.8). Puget Sound Radio-managed non-com news/talk KUOW-AM/FM (4.9-4.2-3.7). Bonneville’s conservative talk “Truth” KTTH (2.8-2.8-3.1). Bonneville’s sports-and Mariners baseball KIRO (2.3-2.4-3.0). Fisher’s just-sold all-news KOMO-AM (plus LMA’d FM partner), going 2.5-2.5-2.6. Clear Channel’s sports KJR (0.9-1.2-1.4). Fisher’s conservative talk KVI (0.9-0.9-1.3). And CBS Sports Net-affiliated KFNQ, owned by CBS, appears for the first time in the standings with a 0.1.

Phoenix – More churn at the #1 spot, as CBS Radio’s classic hits KOOL (6.0-5.2-7.0) snatches the crown from Clear Channel’s AC KESZ (5.8-6.0-5.6). The 7.0 is KOOL’s best since April 2011. #3 is Sandusky’s classic rock KSLX, 4.7-4.7-4.9. Bonneville’s variety hits “Peak” KXPK has its best number in 3-1/2 years, up 3.9-3.9-4.5. It’s tied with Clear Channel’s country KNIX, 4.8-4.6-4.5. KNIX’s format competitor, CBS-owned KMLE, moves 3.1-3.5-3.4. Through this August-book cycle of ratings, we’ll be tracking how the loss of syndicated morning man Piolin affects his former stations, and in Phoenix, the difference is palpable at Univison’s regional Mexican “La Nueva 105.9” KHOT – down 3.8-3.6-2.7. Bonneville’s KTAR, flagship of the baseball Diamondbacks, is steady, 2.4-2.3-2.4. Cume leader is AC KESZ, at 955,900.

Minneapolis – Lead change here, with Hubbard’s hot AC “KS 95” KSTP-FM (8.1-7.9-8.5) brushing past Clear Channel’s CHR KDWB (8.1-8.4-8.3). The 8.5 for KSTP-FM is its best since June 2012. Third place still belongs to CC’s country “K102” KEEY, 7.5-7.7-8.2. While Cumulus classic rock “KQ92” KQRS is fourth, 7.5-7.6-7.8. Another PPM high for CBS Radio’s relatively new country “Buz’n” KMNB, up to a tie for fifth place, 5.7-6.0-6.5. Also at a 6.5 is Clear Channel’s classic hits “Kool 108” KQQL, 7.1-7.4-6.5. Minnesota Twins flagship (and otherwise modern AC music) KTWN is struggling, 1.9-1.8-1.6. While the Cumulus sports trimulcast based at WGVX and using CBS Sports Radio goes 0.2-0.1-0.2. Two Twin Cities stations do better than a million cume – CHR KDWB at 1,066,500 and hot AC “KS 95” at 1,037,200.

San Diego – 12 straight #1’s for Lincoln Financial Media’s country KSON/KSOQ, 7.9-7.3-6.9. Sure, it’s dropped a share since June, but is still safely ahead of second-ranked KHTS-FM, the Clear Channel CHR (5.6-5.4-5.3). San Diego State University non-com news/talk KPBS is third, 5.0-4.8-5.0, closely followed by Clear Channel’s classic rock KGB (5.6-5.1-4.9) and sister hot AC “Star 94.1” KMYI, 4.4-4.5-4.8. This was the last full book for LFM’s smooth jazz format at KIFM, and it’s a stable 3.4-3.5-3.4. The station’s now soft oldies “Easy 98.1.” An abnormally-low share – lowest ever in PPM - for CBS “Soft Rock” KYXY, 4.2-4.0-3.2. San Diego’s cume champ is CHR “Channel 933” KHTS-FM at just about 800,000.

Tampa – The two rival country stations stay close together. Those are CBS Radio’s WQYK (5.2-5.3-5.2) and Clear Channel’s “US 103.5” WFUS (5.6-5.3-5.0). On top is Cox-owned soft oldies “Dove” WDUV, 10.1-9.4-9.6. In second place is sister AC “Warm” WWRM, 5.8-6.6-6.5. Tied for third place are Cox classic hits “Eagle” WXGL, 5.9-6.4-6.0 and CC’s “98 Rock” WXTB, 5.2-5.7-6.0. That’s the best 98 Rock has performed since PPM came to town. In the CHR wars, things stay close there, too. Cox-owned “Hot” WPOI is up 5.0-5.0-5.3. Clear Channel’s WFLZ is off 5.7-5.6-5.2. In sports, there’s Clear Channel’s WDAE (2.5-2.6-3.2, its best since late 2011, probably due to Rays baseball). Versus CBS Radio’s “Fan” WHFS-FM (0.8-0.6-0.7). Four stations are nearly tied in cume – AC “Warm” at 708,600. CHR “Hot” at 697,300. CHR WFLZ at 687,900. And soft oldies “Dove” at 687,800.

Denver – A rare sight – a three-way tie in first place (and it could very well have been a four-way or even five-way tie). CC’s news/talk and Rockies baseball KOA slips 6.4-5.5-5.3. Rhythmic sister “Party” KPTT is right there with its best number since the Holiday book (4.6-4.6-5.3). Then there’s Lincoln Financial Media’s country KYGO, 5.5-5.8-5.3. Hard on their heels is Entercom’s AC KOSI (5.1-5.0-5.2). Then CC’s alternative rock KTCL 5.4-5.7-5.1. Denver’s a rare market where the local K-Love affiliate subscribes to Arbitron, and we can see that Educational Media Foundation’s KLDV moves 3.6-3.1-3.4.

WPOCBaltimore – Country’s strong, as Clear Channel’s WPOC (7.8-8.8-9.2) pulls away from Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ (9.0-8.8-8.8). The 9.2 for ’POC is its best ever in PPM. Third place is Radio One’s Class A urban AC “Magic” WWIN-FM, 8.1-7.4-7.4. Fourth place goes to CBS Hot AC “Mix 106.5” WWMX, 5.6-5.4-5.4. And the 5.3 share for classic rock “Bay” WZBA (4.8-4.6-5.3) is a PPM high for the Shamrock station. The downtrend continues for CBS Radio’s AC “Lite 101.9” WLIF, down 6.0-5.5-4.5. But Lite is still the market’s #1 cumeing station at 578,800. With cume, Lite is just barely ahead of CBS Radio’s hot AC “Mix 106.5” WWMX at 576,900 – so call it a tie.

St. Louis – The baseball Cardinals are contenders in the NL Central division, and CBS Radio’s news/talk KMOX is riding along with them, 8.0-7.4-7.5. It’s #1, followed by Hubbard’s country WIL (6.6-6.6-6.3), and two stations tied for third place. Those are Hubbard’s variety hits “Arch” WARH (5.7-6.3-6.2) and Clear Channel CHR KSLZ (6.3-6.6-6.3). Big step-up for CBS Radio’s hot AC KYKY (4.9-4.9-6.0). Mainstream AC sister “Fresh” KEZK is off 6.1-6.1-5.4. Emmis-owned classic hits “K-Hit” KIHT does its strongest share ever in PPM measurement, 4.4-4.9-5.7. The Clear Channel station that’s challenging country WIL is “Bull” KSD, which gives up ground, 5.8-6.2-5.0. The Gateway City’s cume leader is variety hits “Arch” at 752,600 souls.

Take 2’s – Where was WQXR? From yesterday’s New York PPMs – several readers asked about the omission of classical WQXR from the afternoon Ratings Email. New York Public Radio does subscribe to the PPMs (as shown by the numbers for its WNYC/WNYC-FM). But Arbitron inadvertently missed supplying WQXR to the trades. To plug in the missing station – WQXR ranks just after Disney’s all-sports “ESPN 98.7” WEPN-FM (1.5-1.4-1.7), with the classical non-com going 1.4-1.2-1.4. Format change for Atlanta’s WGST. Clear Channel’s Atlanta GSM Cameron Brown reminds us that WGST, which we said “made the book for the first time in a while,” switched from Spanish sports on June 3. It’s now doing talk with personalities like Glenn Beck, Andrea Tantaros and Dave Ramsey. Note that the formats you see in the afternoon Ratings email are the ones that stations supply to Arbitron.

No Day 3 PPM ratings today – It's Rosh Hashanah.

The Day 3 markets - Charlotte, Portland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City and seven other markets - will be delivered tomorrow.

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On The Block

Three Cumulus FMs in Waterloo, Iowa will be parked in a divestiture trust, because Townsquare can’t take them, along with the other 50 stations it’s buying from Cumulus in a deal worth $238 million. It’s been okay for Cumulus to have the trio, because ownership was grandfathered in. Now these three stations will pass from Cumulus to the Cedar Rapids Divestiture Trust. They are CHR “Q92.3” KKHQ-FM, Oelwein, Iowa, a full Class C. Classic rock KCRR Grundy Center, a C3 at 97.7. And country “K98.5” KOEL-FM, a C3 licensed to Cedar Falls.

KRQNAlso in Iowa, Townsquare to continue an LMA with George Flinn. Memphis-based Flynn owns CHR “i107-1” KRQN, Vinton, which covers the Cedar Rapids market – but since May 2011, he’s been LMAing it to Cumulus. Townsquare will assume that LMA, whose original term is for five years, with a five-year renewal option. At this point in the contract, Flynn is banking a steady $4,000 a month in LMA fees, plus “commercially reasonable operating expenses.”

$2,230,000 cash is the price Lotus is paying for east-of-Sacramento KMJE, Placerville (92.1). Yesterday’s NOW had the deal for the class A station that’s been stunting for several months, under Results Radio. Now we’ve got the price, in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co., representing the Kalmenson family’s Lotus Communications.

World India Radio buys Morrristown, NJ-market WXMC (1310), in a deal for $30,000 cash. The seller is New York-based James J. Chladek, whose other media interests are four low power TV stations in Florida. He’s selling WXMC to Hasmukh Shah’s World India Radio of Edison, NJ, after the current time brokerage deal ends with Centro Biblico of New Jersey. WXMC’s licensed for 1,000 watts daytime and 88 watts at night.


Brian Figula has had “at liberty” status since Greater Media replaced Detroit AC WMGC-FM (105.1) with an all-sports format last month. Now he’s headed west to a bigger market, as the new PD at Entercom’s AC KOIT (96.5) in San Francisco. KOIT’s been without a dedicated PD since Andy Holt left.

Jared MaxJared Max departs Disney-run “ESPN 98.7” WEPN-FM in New York, 2-1/2 years after he joined (from all-news WCBS/880) to start a new career as a sports-talk host. The ratings for the early-morning “Maxed Out” were good almost from the start, and a confident Jared made local media history in 2011 by coming out, on his show. Now Neil Best at Newsday says the 4-6am host has left the building. Jared says “conquering fears as a rookie talkshow host, I found my critical freedom to speak honestly, and Maxed Out became a #1-rated Arbitron rated program in New York City. Plus, I got to anchor SportsCenter updates on Mike and Mike for 2-1/2 years.” Jared thanks ESPN folks like Scott Shapiro, Scott Masteller, Traug Keller and Chris LaPlaca, and says “I will see you down the road.”

Leland Conway will take over the 9am-noon slot at Louisville’s news/talk WHAS (840) vacated by Mandy Connell (July 25 NOW). Mandy’s now hosting morning drive at Clear Channel sister talk station KHOW in Denver (630). While Leland gets to display his endurance and knowledge of two different areas, returning to Kentucky radio for the gig at WHAS, while keeping his current 3-6pm show on another Clear Channel news/talk station. That’s WRVA, Richmond (1140). Clear Channel Regional Programming Manager Kelly Carls likes Leland’s “Kentucky roots” plus his “wit and energy.” Before starting last year in Richmond, Leland spent years on the air in nearby Lexington, doing radio at WLAP (630) and TV at WTVQ.

Kevin KloseKevin Klose was the president of National Public Radio from 1998 to 2008 (before it entered a period of rapid leadership turnover). He’d previously worked with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and in January of this year he accepted the Acting President job there, while continuing as a tenured professor of journalism at the University of Maryland. Now he’s taking a leave from the faculty position, to become the permanent president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, one of the U.S.-run operations that fall under the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Kevin gained experience in Europe and Russia as Moscow bureau chief for the Washington Post, and later when he moved the operations of Radio Liberty from Munich to Prague.

Shel Leshner returns to South Bend and the general manager’s position at the Artistic Media Partners-owned CHR “U93” simulcast of WNDV and WDND (1620) and the AC simulcast of WSMM/WSSM (102.3/97.7). That’s from Blaine Thompson’s Indiana Radio Watch.

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Rousing the morning guy - Jay Meyers, now CEO of Adelante Media Group and Broadcast Management & Technology, says "Monday's story about the heavy-drinking morning guy reminds me of this story from Syracuse. George (Big George) Plavocos was the morning guy on WNDR and the overnight guy was Bob Carolyn. Bob's wife was pregnant, and he had a standing deal with George that if his wife went into labor during his overnight show, George (who lived ten minutes away) would come in early to relieve him. As luck would have it, George was out late at a party and, as he put it when telling me the story, drinking heavily. He rolled into bed about 1am to get four or five hours sleep, and that's the night Bob's wife goes into labor. Bob calls George at 2:30am and says 'She's in labor, I need you to come in right now.' 30 minutes later, no George. Bob calls again and says, 'George, I need you now, my wife has to go to the hospital and have the baby.' George promises to come right in and immediately falls back to sleep. Finally at 3:30, Bob calls and says, 'George, if you are not here in 15 minutes, I'm leaving and the dead air is on you.' So George drags himself out of bed and drives to the station. In the car, he hears Bob intro one song, then three minutes later that song fades and all George hears is 'Thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack' - which is the sound made when the needle and tone arm strike up against the label. Bob had kept his promise. George later died of brain cancer, but I can still see him roaring with laughter, telling me that story." Remind you of a great (true) radio story? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com.

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Kozacko Media Services: George W. Kimble, Cell: 520-465-4302, Email: georgewkimble@aol.com; Dick Kozacko, Cell: 607-738-1219, Email: dick@kozacko.com; Rosen Shingle Creek; Office: 607-733-7138; www.radio4sale.com

Patrick Communications: Larry Patrick, Susan Patrick, Greg Guy, Jason James. Contact info: Rosen Shingle Creek; Office: 410-799-1740; Elizabeth@patcomm.com; www.patcomm.com

Market Manager – Phoenix, AZ

Hubbard Radio, LLC seeks a strong leader to oversee and direct its newly acquired radio operations in Phoenix, Arizona. The successful candidate must have demonstrated strong broadcast management experience and acumen, with proven ability to increase revenue and content on multiple digital platforms. We are looking for a high-energy and creative team builder to develop a strong management team and skilled work force that can achieve the company’s revenue, content and ratings goals. Salary commensurate with experience.

Qualified candidates are invited to submit a resume, including qualifications and references, by email to hr@hubbardradio.com; by fax to (801) 575-7507; by mail to: Hubbard Radio, LLC, ATTN: Human Resources, 6985 Union Park Ave., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, Utah 84047.

An equal opportunity employer

Hubbard Radio


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