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Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Volume 2   |   Issue 231
That’s 483.6 million American ears
American EarsNielsen’s latest RADAR shows radio’s weekly reach rises to 241.8 million.

Taking a longitudinal look back to 2009, Arbitron (and now Nielsen) showed particular growth in the years as PPM was turned on in additional markets. The December 2009 weekly cume in RADAR 103 was an estimated 236,472,000. A year later, that figure jumped to 239,775,000. Beginning two years ago (with all 48 planned PPM markets online), things were more steady – 241,261,000, then 241,075,000 and now 241.8 million. Daily time spent listening is also steady, holding around 2 hours and 35 minutes. Nielsen, ahead of next week’s release of the RADAR sales network rankings, plays up radio’s appeal to diverse audiences. The overall RADAR 119 weekly reach figure is 91% of Americans. For Hispanics, it’s 94%. Check the updated national figures from Nielsen – 241.8 million weekly reach, 91% of Americans – for sales kits, etc. They’re here.

Eight California radio licenses have officially “expired.”

The new Tom Wheeler FCC may have started showing us something different – a list of stations which failed to file for license renewal, and thus they’re considered to be expired as of December 1. You’re supposed to file for renewal four months ahead of expiration, and some licensees failed to do that. Those include low power FMs in Visalia, La Grange and Goleta. Translators in Rialto, Victorville and Northern Apple Valley. And full-power stations KSAY Ft. Bragg and Coalinga. Check the FCC’s list of “radio license expirations” here.

I approved this messageNo paid political ads on public radio or TV, says the full 9th Circuit Appeals Court.

The 11-judge “en banc” panel overturns an earlier (and surprising) decision by a three-judge panel of the same San Francisco-based court that would’ve turned the world of public broadcasting upside down. It also would’ve caused distress among commercial stations that lost political and issue ad dollars to their local public radio or TV outlet. The L.A. Times reports yesterday’s ruling, and reminds us of the strange way it came to the courts – when a public TV station was found to have gone over the line for “underwriting announcements” it ran for companies like Ford and Chevron. Along the way, the smaller panel of the 9th Circuit Court made the eyebrow-raising ruling that while pubcasters couldn’t take commercials, per se – they should be permitted to accept political and issue advertising. Some conservatives and libertarians like that idea, arguing that it would help shore up the budget picture at non-coms.

Remembering Lew Dickey, Senior –

Reading yesterday’s story about station owner Lew Senior’s recent death at age 86, several NOW readers supplied their own memorials. Josh Gertzog, now at NJ-based Press Communications, says “I knew Lew when I called on him when I was at Arbitron in the late 1980s. Rarely have I met someone with more of an effervescent personality. There was always a positive attitude, and what a radio guy he was. He always cracked me up, even though he never did subscribe to Arbitron. This may be an apocryphal story, but one of his employees confirmed it to me – One day, Lew was at home when he was double-teamed by two Hoover Vacuum Cleaner sales reps. He was so taken by their presentation (not that he actually bought the vacuum cleaner), he offered both of them jobs in sales. They started at his WOHO/WWWM in Toledo the next day.” Jay Meyers, now the CEO of both Adelante Media and BMT, says “In 1979, Lew bought WSAY (1370) in Rochester from the legendary Gordon Brown, at a time when the station still played most commercials from reel-to-reel. Lew never had success with the station and sold it to public radio station WXXI, which still owns it today. He tried to hire me as PD and I turned him down - but I really enjoyed the meeting.” Also checking in is Sid “The Mojo Man” Grubbs, who says “As I mentioned on the 440 Int page, the things that Lew Senior said to me will last forever in my mind.” Plenty of tales being told about Lew Senior – including one about how he didn’t approve of a new jingle package he heard while driving around on a Sunday. He supposedly went directly to the station and erased all the carts.

BTC – the “Broadcaster Traffic Consortium” – adds new members and new markets.

Paul Brenner’s both the president of the Consortium and Chief Technology Officer of Emmis, and he says the project “shows that FM and HD Radio can win lucrative telematics business normally won by satellite or mobile broadband, when we perform uniformly.” New to the Consortium are Univision, University of Michigan Radio, and San Luis Obispo non-com KCBX (90.1). They cover ten new markets for both local traffic and “other map-related data,” including Ann Arbor, Flint, Morristown and Santa Barbara. The BTC’s coverage map has more than 100 markets, all told, with 23 broadcaster members, including CBS, Entercom, Cumulus, Radio One, Greater Media, Cox, Hubbard and Emmis.

Doing business –

Boomer & Carton• CBS Sports Network – the cable channel – wins the rights to simulcast “Boomer & Carton.” Madison Square Garden’s MSG channel previously cablecast the WFAN New York morning show, and it had the right to match any other offer (September 26 NOW). But Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton of WFAN-AM/FM (660/101.9) will instead bring their radio show under the CBS umbrella, airing all four hours of the 6-10am (Eastern time) show on CBS Sports Network. That arrangement begins in January. In the Summer of 2007, New York’s all-sports “Fan” tried out a number of successors for the ousted Don Imus, and settled on Boomer & Carton just after Labor Day. They’ll continue to produce their show from CBS Radio facilities on Hudson Street in lower Manhattan.

• Entercom re-does its credit agreement, saves on interest costs. On Entercom’s Term B loans, the interest rate drops 75 basis points, or three-quarters of one percent. Also, the LIBOR floor on the interest rate has been reduced from 1.25% to 1%, as part of an amended agreement with the lender group led by Bank of America.

• Wireless and retail gained among radio’s national advertisers, for Thanksgiving week. The latest slice of research from Media Monitors shows no change at the very top, where Home Depot rules. But retailer Sears rockets from #32 the previous week to #2. Rival Kohl’s went from #40 to #8. JC Penney stayed pretty strong (from #26 in mid-November to #8 and now #16). On the wireless side, it appears people still covet new phones and tablets for the holidays. Verizon Wireless shoots up from #67 to #6. Rival AT&T Wireless was right behind, moving from #30 to #7. But interestingly – no sign of radio’s new partner in the FM chip enterprise, Sprint. That may be handled through local spots, not national ones.

Point To Point
Day 4 Nielsen Audio November-book PPMs –

Austin – “Bob” makes it four months in a row at the pinnacle, going 7.8 (for September) to 7.5 (October) and now 7.7 (November). The station is Emmis-run variety hits “Bob FM” KBPA. But perhaps the most impressive recent achievement belongs to Crista Ministries’ commercially-operated CCM (contemporary Christian) KFMK. It’s up 4.7-5.1-7.1 and is now tied with Clear Channel’s country KASE (6.4-6.7-7.1) for second place. KFMK’s 7.1 is the best share in the 15-year history of the 105.9 frequency, under either PPM or diary. And well within shouting distance of KASE – maybe whispering distance – is CC’s other country FM, fourth-place KVET-FM, 5.5-5.5-7.0. That’s the best PPM share yet for KVET-FM, way up from the 3.1 of a year ago. (The country cousins are close in cume – 371,300 for KASE, about 330,000 for KVET-FM.) Entercom’s AC “Majic” KKMJ (5.9-4.7-4.0) is on the downside of a recent upswing, while Emmis’ adult alternative KGSR is the mirror image, rising 2.9-2.5-3.7. Cume leader in “Weird Austin” is “Bob” at 509,600. All shares in this section of analysis are for age 6+ AQH share, total broadcast week. Nielsen’s continuing the Arbitron “subscriber only” policy, so there may be non-subscribing stations that we don’t see (such as with Saga in Norfolk and Milwaukee, and Good Karma in Milwaukee). Nielsen’s “November” book covers October 10-November 6. Now on to the rest of the new markets –

WTMJMilwaukee – Journal Broadcast Group’s news/talk WTMJ manages to beat Clear Channel’s talk WISN, and ironically, it does it without Brewers baseball. WTMJ ranks #2, going 6.9-7.0-7.4. WISN is fourth, 6.9-7.5-6.5. As usual, the top station is CC’s double-digit country WMIL, 10.6-10.4-10.6. It’s won every book so far this year. Then comes WTMJ, and CC’s oldies WRIT, 7.3-6.7-6.7. A not-lovely month for Milwaukee Radio Alliance’s alternative rock WLUM, 5.7-5.0-4.3. Cume champ is Entercom CHR “Kiss” WXSS at 489,200. Kiss ranks #6 with share with its best number since last December.

Indianapolis – PPM was heralded as a tool that would likely show more compression – stations more tightly bunched – and that’s certainly true this month in Indy. Cumulus-owned country WFMS is clearly #1, 7.6-8.3-7.6. But six stations are in the 6-share range, starting with Emmis’ AC “B105.7” WYXB, 6.7-7.3-6.9. Then you’ve got Cumulus variety hits WJJK (6.7-6.4-6.6). Clear Channel’s classic rock WFBQ (5.9-5.8-6.5, its best number since May 2012). And three stations are tied for fifth - Emmis’ news/talk WIBC (5.9-5.3-6.3), sister country “Hank” WLHK (6.6-6.6-6.3), and Entercom CHR WZPL (6.1-6.5-6.3). The sports leader is Emmis’ “Fan” WFNI, 1.6-2.0-1.9. Emmis’ HD2/translator combo known as sports “WFNI FM” (technically WIBC HD2) rises 0.5-0.8-0.9. That’s ahead of Clear Channel’s WNDE, 0.3-0.5-0.5. Cume champ is AC “B105.7” at 413,100.

Raleigh – Country is king, thanks to another #1 finish for Curtis Media’s WQDR (8.8-8.4-10.0). It’s claimed eight of the last nine PPM books. North Carolina Public Radio’s non-com news/talk WUNC is second, 7.5-8.0-8.9, followed by Capitol’s AC “Mix 101.5” WRAL, 7.5-8.1-7.7, and then Radio One’s urban AC “Foxy” WFXC, 8.3-7.5-7.5. Clear Channel’s translator-fed alternative “95X” WDCG HD2 stays in the 2-share range (2.2-2.5-2.2). Cume leader isn’t country WQDR, but AC “Mix” WRAL, at 449,100.

Norfolk – 16 #1s in a row and an even bigger topline share for Entercom’s urban AC WVKL, 13.6-14.4-14.6. In fact, 14.6 is the loftiest number any Tidewater player’s ever put up in the PPM era. Second place goes to Max Media’s country “Eagle” WGH-FM, 5.6-5.9-5.8, and third place to Clear Channel’s urban WOWI, 6.1-5.2-5.3. Sinclair Telecable’s “New Country US106” WUSH is advancing, 4.4-4.6-5.1. Sister talk WNIS improves, 2.3-3.0-3.5. Clear Channel’s “Ol’ Skool and R&B” Kiss 92 WKSA slips, 2.2-1.7-1.4. Cume leader is Entercom’s WVKL, at 380,200.

Providence – Two straight months on top for Cumulus CHR WPRO-FM, 8.7-9.5-9. Former #1 WHJY, the Clear Channel rocker, loses some steam, 9.6-7.8-7.3, but holds onto second place. CC’s classic hits “B101” WWBB is third, 6.1-6.2-7.1. Entercom’s all-sports WVEI-FM rises 5.9-5.9-6.3, as the baseball Red Sox pursue (and win) their third recent World Series crown. The cume champion is CHR WPRO-FM, at 541,600.


Nashville – The string is now 18 consecutive months at the top for South Central’s AC “Mix” WJXA, going 13.6-14.4-14.6. And with Mix now doing all-Christmas, the sky’s the limit in the next couple of books. The distant #2 station is Clear Channel CHR “River” WRVW, 6.5-6.4-6.8, and third place is sister urban “Beat” WUBT, 5.7-5.5-6.4. CC’s country WSIX is next, 6.3-6.3-6.2. Checking the other country stations, both owned by Cumulus – WSM-FM edges up 4.3-4.2-4.7, but WKDF falls 5.3-4.1-3.8. (The irony? WSM-FM and WKDF have almost identical cumes, around 270,000). Best book in a while for Vanderbilt’s non-commercial classical WFCL, 1.2-1.3-1.6. In sports and talk, there’s Cumulus’ “104.5 the Zone” WGFX (5.2-6.1-5.3). Then sister talk WWTN, 4.2-4.4-4.1, followed by Nashville Public Radio’s news/talk WPLN (4.1-4.4-2.8) and CC’s talk WLAC (2.1-2.3-2.4). Cromwell’s all-sports “102.5 the Game” WPRT-FM pulls a 1-share (0.8-1.0-1.0). That ties it with the gospel “Light” that uses WPRT-FM’s HD2 signal to feed a translator (0.8-0.7-1.0). While a different Cromwell sports translator (WBUZ’s HD2-fed 97.5) shows up with a 0.1 share. Sister all-sports WQZQ and its translator (billed as "The Game 2”) didn’t make the book. Southern Wabash’s “Sports Radio 560/95.9” WNSR and its translator don’t subscribe. You don’t have to be psychic to divine the cume leader – it’s AC Mix, at an estimated 477,200 folks.

Greensboro – Entercom has four of the top five stations we can see in the standings. That begins with dominant urban AC WQMG, 12.4-12.4-12.1. Sister urban “102 Jamz” WJMH is second, 8.4-8.2-8.4, tied with Clear Channel’s AC WMAG, 7.8-8.0-8.4. Then you’ve got two more Entercom stations – country “Wolf” WPAW (8.2-8.8-8.4) and variety hits “Simon” WSMW, 7.9-9.0-8.1. How about the Wolf’s country rival, WTQR? The Clear Channel station is next, 8.1-8.5-7.5. Leading cumers are AC WMAG (438,000) and “Simon” at 436,500.

West Palm Beach – 15 #1s in a row for Palm Beach Broadcasting’s AC WRMF (7.6-8.5-8.1). Nice month for Clear Channel’s classic hits WOLL (5.9-5.5-6.3), which is followed by sister classic rock “Gater” WKGR (5.9-5.6-5.7). The top-ranking talk station is again Clear Channel’s guy-talk-leaning “Real Radio” WZZR, 3.8-3.1-3.1. And like last month, we can see Craig Karmazin’s all-sports “ESPN 106.3” WUUB (1.1-1.7-1.7), presumably because he inherited a ratings contract when he acquired the FM signal. Top cumer, by a Florida mile, is AC WRMF at 425,700.

Jacksonville – It’s mostly Clear Channel and Cox in this market, as the two main subscribers. Literally, the only other company that buys the book is not-for-profit WJCT Inc., whose non-com news/talk WJCT improves 3.3-3.1-3.8. At the top is Cox-owned CHR WAPE, 7.2-7.5-7.5. Then comes Clear Channel’s urban “Beat” WJBT, 6.1-7.0-6.2, trailed by Cox news/talk (and NFL Jaguars flagship) WOKV-AM/FM, 6.2-5.6-6.0. Cume leader is easily CHR WAPE, at approximately 390,000.

WMC-FMMemphis – The 7.7 scored by third-ranked hot AC WMC-FM is its best ever in PPM. Entercom’s “FM100” grows 6.5-6.4-7.7. It trails a couple of Clear Channel stations – gospel “Hallelujah” WHAL-FM (10.3-10.5-11.0) and urban AC “V101.1” KJMS, (10.0-10.2-9.4). In country radio, there’s Cumulus-owned “Kix 106” WGKX, 6.3-5.3-5.3, Mighty Media’s “Rebel” WEBL (1.1-1.2-1.6), and sister classic country WUMY (1.2-1.5-1.5). (Coming up in today’s NOW Newsletter, you’ll read about their new sister station.) The top sports station is Entercom’s ESPN-affiliated WMFS-AM/FM, 2.4-2.5-2.5. The cume rankings show a near three-way tie for the lead, between Entercom AC WRVR (312,100), urban AC KJMS (311,400) and urban WHRK (309,100). WRVR ranks #6 in AQH share and WHRK is #5.

Hartford – The WRCH streak is now 28 straight #1s, and this time the CBS adult contemporary station underlines its dominance with double digits (9.9-9.8-10.7). Second place goes to Clear Channel’s country WWYZ (8.7-8.4-8.1), followed by Buckley’s classic hits WDRC-FM (8.0-8.2-7.8). “Lite 100.5” WRCH is the cume leader at 401,700 listeners.

December PPMs debut just before Christmas, on Monday, December 23. If you’re not signed up to receive the same-day ratings emails, it’s easy to add them. At the bottom of this issue, look for “Email options.” Click on “Update Subscriptions” and check the box for “Would you like to receive ratings updates?” Nielsen’s “December” book is loaded with days from November. It covers November 7-December 4, so the ratings service can squeeze in a 13th month named the “Holiday book.” That helps smooth out the effect on the ratings of the all-holiday music stations.

Formats & Branding

Yet another online radio station by a Boston publication, this one from The Dig. It appears to be leaning alt-rock, but today it features an interview with Boston’s Mayor-elect Marty Walsh. The Dig joins the Globe (with its Radio BDC) and the Herald (mostly conservative talk). The UniversalHub site (language alert) has the press release from The Dig. Listen to the new station here.

As it did in Cincinnati, Hubbard drops the “Rewind” branding in Chicago on WILV (100.3). The Cincinnati station at 94.9 kept the WREW calls but reworked itself from classic hits to hot AC. Chicago’s headed the same way, and it’s just the latest change at the 100.3 frequency that was once rhythmic AC “Love.” Musically, the “Rewind” emphasis on the ’80s seems to be gone as the station contemporizes the playlist, under the new slogan “Chicago’s 100.3.”

Chicago’s WCPT-based simulcast to add more content aimed at the LGBT community. Robert Feder says “The centerpiece of the initiative is ‘Out Chicago,’ a two-hour weekly talk show airing at 11am Sundays.” From that long-form show, the Newsweb-owned regional simulcast based at WCPT (820) will pull one-minute features for broadcast during the week. Out Chicago will be anchored by actor and activist Scott Duff, and heard on WCPT Willow Springs (820), WCPT-FM Arlington Heights (92.7), WCPY Dekalb (92.5) and WCPQ Park Forest (99.9). Michael Damsky’s consulting for Fred Eychaner’s Newsweb, and he says the gay-friendly talk programming is “an ideal content and branding overlay for WCPT’s progressive talk format.”

DudeWilmington, North Carolina’s got a country “Dude.” So Hometown Wilmington Media (part of Virginia-based Local Voice) does indeed challenge Cumulus-owned “Double Q” WWQQ (101.3) in the country format. That was the speculation in the November 14 NOW, after the owner dropped the commercial-classical “Bach Radio” service. Now there’s The Dude at 93.7 (WNTB Topsail Beach) and 106.3 (WLTT Bolivia). General manager Beau Gunn says they’re creating a listener advisory board, so the Dude will keep playing the chart-topping songs by artists like Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, etc., “as well as lesser-known songs deeper into their albums.” That’s certainly a point of difference with Double Q. The website is “Gotta Love the Dude,” here.

Washington DC’s WTNT (730 AM and translator at 102.9) drops talk for Spanish hits. Bruce Houston’s Metro Radio may even have plans to put “La Capital” on a third signal, hints DCRTV.com. WTNT Alexandria’s previous talk lineup included the Mike O’Meara show. Bruce Houston’s accustomed to Spanish radio – he operates regional Mexican “La Ley” on WKDV Manassas (1460) and a translator at 106.3.

On The Block

Greenville-Spartanburg market “103.3 Earth Radio” is sold for $1 million, nine months after the oldies format replaced the CHR “Spin” format. Seller of Class A WOLT Greer, South Carolina is Chris McMurray-run Davidson Media Station WOLT Licensee. Buyer is a local group led by Robert Nations, doing business as Earth Radio Broadcasting. The March 1 NOW had the format change, with the operator saying it’s “Classic hits centered in the ’70s, with heavy doses of some ’60s, a few ’80s, and perhaps a huge ’50s hit here and there.” The Earth Radio website is here.

Memphis-market talk KXIQ (1180) sells for $400,000, in a deal where Dallas-based Ron Unkefer is the buyer, as Memphis First Ventures. The station will be LMA’d before closing by Unkefer-connected Mighty Media Group, which understands the station’s interesting technical situation. It’s licensed for 5,000 watts daytime, but drops back to 3,500 watts in the “critical hours” after sunrise and before sunset. Nighttime power is just 26 watts. KXIQ’s licensed to Turrell, Arkansas, across the river from Memphis. It joins Unkefer’s country “Rebel 95.3” WEBL Coldwater, Mississippi and classic country “Y105.5” WUMY Memphis at 830 (with a translator at 105.5). Current lineup at KXIQ includes Bill Bennett, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller and Rusty Humphries, with weekend programming like Cigar Dave on Saturday middays. Friday afternoons, there’s “The Good Times Radio Show,” billed as “the nation’s longest running casino gaming show.”

A four-station sale worth nearly $4 million closes in New Mexico, where Adams Radio Group has the keys to the Las Cruces cluster you read about back on September 18. The sellers are the related Sunrise Broadcasting and Richardson Commercial Corporation, led by principals Judy Hunt (President) and Allen Lumeyer (VP/GM). The stations are “Great Country” KGRT (103.9), CHR “Hot 103.1” KHQT, Regional Mexican “La Gran D” KKVS (98.7) and talk/sports KSNM at 570. Ron Stone is the president and CEO of Minnesota-based Adams Radio Group. Broker on the deal worth exactly $3,963,625 – Jim Hoffman of Explorer Communications.

Max MediaMax Media’s price for selling its TV stations in Montana - $18 million plus half of next year’s political revenues. We knew the deal (October 2 NOW), but not the price or terms of this just-closed deal for stations such as KULR/KTMF Missoula and KFBB Great Falls. The price turns out to be $18 million, supplemented by 50% of the political revenues from the 2014 election cycle. The contract specifically says that doesn’t include advocacy ads (such as insurance exchanges for the Affordable Care Act). And it won’t be more than $3.5 million. So the price for these stations could reach as much as $21.5 million, though we won’t know the exact total until next year this time. Buyer Cowles Company also owns the Spokane Spokesman-Review daily paper, as well as TV stations in Spokane, Yakima and the Tri-Cities market of Washington state. Broker on the Montana deal involving Max Media – Kalil & Co.

Why did Salem buy Miami-market WOCN (1450)? More about Monday morning’s story, and it deals with real estate – the aerial kind. The two-part transaction was $1.2 million for WOCN, plus another $1 million for its real estate. And the land – specifically the WOCN tower – is probably more important than the station itself. Salem’s Spanish Christian WKAT/1360 currently shares a single tower with Beasley’s all-sports WQAM/560. But they’re facing a forced move, because the city of Miami owns the land and wants to take it back. Buying WOCN from David Jacobs may solve a tower problem for both WKAT and WQAM – letting them triplex on the WOCN tower. We’ll see how it plays out, and what Salem does with the current brokered-time format at WOCN.

Cigar Dave

"El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo" is the successor morning show to Univision's Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo, who exited KSCA Los Angeles (101.9) this past summer following allegations of sexual harassment. You probably figured out that the bold-face name of the new show translates to "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," and that's the brand name of the music-intensive regional Mexican show presented by three personalities. Those are Raul Molinar ("the good"), Sylvia del Valle ("the bad") and Andres Maldonado (you already know his role). The L.A. Times says "the three hosts will attempt to blend humor, sarcasm and interviews," with Univision's EVP Evan Harrison calling it "reality radio." That act started this week on KSCA and will be distributed to other markets - as Piolin was.

Jennifer Morelli also takes a new Vice President role for CBS Radio, specializing in integrated marketing. She’s recently proven her skills as Director, Integrated Marketing and Events for CBS Radio in Chicago, and now moves up to the corporate level, says CBS Radio President/Sales Michael Weiss. Before Chicago, Jennifer was with CBS in Houston, at Emmis in Austin, and the former Sconnix cluster in the Quad Cities market.

Alan BlumAlan Blum brings a varied career – running his own ad agency, board memberships at a New York theater group and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, working on a project to support military veterans – to a newly-created marketing position at CBS Radio. Blum will be VP/Branded Content Solutions, reporting to EVP/Chief Marketing Officer Rich Lobel. The job isn’t just about connecting marketers to radio, but also CBS assets in TV, digital and outdoor. Among the assignments in Blum’s agency portfolio are jobs with clients like Absolut Vodka, Anheuser-Busch, Oldsmobile and Air France.

Michael Mann – not the Hollywood film/TV director/producer of the same name – is the new general sales manager at Salem-owned conservative talk “560 the Answer” WIND in Chicago. He started in the biz doing sales at CBS Radio’s all-news WBBM (780) and since 2009 has been the GSM for Cumulus Media’s talk WLS (890). Jeff Reisman is Salem’s GM for Chicago.

Ron Haney was most deeply associated with Texas radio, but he also jocked at WNOE New Orleans. Sorry to report his passing, at age 60. Haney had been OM and/or PD in Houston (KFMK), Beaumont (KAYC/KAYD) and El Paso (KEZB). He was also chief engineer at stations like Houston’s KENR, KKBQ, KYOK, and the Entravision radio/TV stations in El Paso. Haney had been coping with late-onset diabetes and auto-immune system problems. His friend David Stewart (dallasdavidstewart@tx.rr.com) says arrangements are pending.

You Can't Make This Up

Different kind of key story - Houston-based consultant Ed Shane says "Last week’s stories about contest keys remind me of keys of a different type - the station’s front door keys. In 1973, I was PD at Houston’s KRBE and received a call from the 10pm-2am DJ. 'I’m locked in,' he said. 'Roger’s outside. He’s locked out.' Unbeknownst to the station, the management of our building had changed and the new guy in charge had changed the outside locks at midnight, not realizing that KRBE was live and local 24/7. I met the new landlord at the door at 2:30am, and we presided over a shift change at KRBE." Ready to share your own true (but strange) radio story? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com.

The news about radio in one place – That’s the general idea, to give you a quick start to your busy day. And, we’ll try to explain what the news means. Pretty simple, really. Got a newstip or idea? Email Tom@RTK-Media.com. Want to reach our highly-engaged readership? That’s simple, too - Talk to Kristy Scott. She’s at Kristy@RTK-media.com or phone 818-591-6815. See you back tomorrow with more news about radio. Tom

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This is a long term position with a successful private company. Salary negotiable. Please reply in confidence to Gary Fisher, President, Equity Communications LP gfequity@aol.com
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